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Our Team

Natalie, Julia, and Natalie's Great Dane Hank.


In the Studio

Here at Natalie Borton Designs, we're a small-but-mighty team of two (well, three if you count our office dog, Hank!). Natalie, our founder, takes on a lot of different roles — from marketing to design to operations — and is the visionary behind the brand. Julia, our Product & Customer Experience Assistant, also wears many hats (both literally and figuratively). She leads the way with inventory, packaging and prepping our products for shipment, and is the friendly face behind many of your order emails, ensuring your experience with us is nothing but exceptional. She's the most kind and encouraging person and keeps morale high around here!

During our launch weeks, you'll find Natalie and Julia personally packaging your orders with care, all while chatting away about anything and everything from family to vacations to our favorite books, shows and podcasts. Our journey together began in 2018, and over the years, we've not only built a thriving business but also forged a genuine friendship.

And then there's Hank, our office dog, who, let's admit it, is the laziest member of our team, but we love him for his laid-back charm. He's always there to brighten our days and keep the mood light. In the studio, we cherish the moments when we can work side by side, and those are undoubtedly our favorite work days. As a small team, we take pride in delivering not just our exceptional products but also a warm, personal touch in every order we send your way.


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